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ZeroPoint Global - The New Wellness!

Self Care

Can organize your bio-energetic field to bring your body into balance.

- Reduces Tension & Stress
- Promotes Life Changing Results
- Increases Energy, Focus & Clarity

Environmental Protection

Leading edge technology can protect us from environment toxins.

- Balances pH
- Protects from EMFs, ELFs, etc.
- Promotes sense of well-being

Home Business

The most empowering business model of our time.

- Operational Since 2008
- US Markets & International Markets
- Strong R&D, Field-Tested Products

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I ordered Center of the Circle and have been playing it in my office for the past two weeks. Both my husband (who works with me) and I have noticed that the air changes when we play the CD. It has a smell that is similar to after a lightning strike (ions in the air). It is very pleasant and happens each time we play the CD, and it does wonders in keeping us calm in a very stressful industry.
Diane H., NJ

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